iPhone won’t turn on or Charge? Try this simple Hacks 2020

Did your iPhone suddenly turned off and won’t turn on or charge? iPhone won’t turn on or off or get any battery charging icon once plugged in. The issue can occur either due to software or hardware problems. It could be a faulty charging adapter or cable, drained battery, software crash etc. If your Apple iPhone is dead, not charging and won’t start up at all, here Apple’s suggestion for this problem, if it doesn’t fix it then you’ll have to send it in for service.

Mostly iPhone won’t turn on stuck on the apple logo because either the software crashed and needs to be reset or restored, or a hardware problem is preventing your iPhone from turning on. Let’s determine is whether a software or hardware problem is preventing your iPhone from turning on.

Charge Your Phone

Ya, this sounds obvious, but someone this could save your iPhone. make sure your iPhone’s battery is charged enough to run the phone. Go ahead grab your iPhone and plug it in to charge like you normally would. Let it charge for 15-30 minutes. It may turn on automatically. If it doesn’t, just hold down your Power button to turn it on.

Also, try charging your iPhone with another cable and another charger. Or alternatively, try charging someone else’s iPhone with your cable and your charger. to determine its problem with the charger, USB cable or phone itself.

Check Faulty USB cable

Restart Your iPhone

Press and keep holding down the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the handset until the red slider appears onscreen. Slide it across to turn it off then repeat to turn the phone back on.

If the iPhone is frozen and can’t be restarted in the normal way do the following:

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds
  • If the red slider appears or the screen dims, keep pressing the two buttons until the Apple logo appears.

Do A Hard Reset

If your phone is not turning on, due to software related issues, then performing a hard reset can help. Hard reset on iPhone, will not remove user data but it clears RAM and end unwanted processes.

If you’re on an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or on iPhone X

  • Quickly press and release your Volume Up button then press and release your Volume Down button.
  • Then, press and hold your Power button (iPhone 8 or 8 Plus) or your Side button (iPhone X). Hold it until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If you’re on an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

  • Go ahead and press the Power button and your Volume Down button at the same time. Hold it for at least 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If you’re on an iPhone 6S or older

  • Go ahead and press and hold your Power button together with your Home button at the same time. Hold it for at least 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Restore iPhone With iTunes

Doing hard reset turn on iPhone, but you can’t get past boot screen, or blue or red screen comes up, then you should install iOS on iPhone by using iTunes. You need the latest version of iTunes to begin with.

Restore iPhone With iTunes

Step 01: Connect your iPhone to your PC

Step 02: Press & release the Volume Up & Down button one after the other in quick succession.

If you have iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

  •  Press Power and volume down button together, until you get iTunes recovery mode.

If you have iPhone 6s or older then

  •  Press and hold home and power buttons together till you go to recovery mode.

Step 03: Now, press & hold Side button till the time recovery-mode appears on the screen.

Step 04:  To update, click on Update. You will not lose personal data while updating the iOS via iTunes. If you want iPhone data to be removed, then select Restore

An unknown error occurred (4005)

While restoring, If you are getting error message The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4005).” try to perform the following workarounds:

  • Upgrade to the latest iTunes version available.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Restore your iPhone using a different USB cable, or another computer.
  • Force your iPhone to restart.
  • ensure your iPhone is fully charged
  • at least 1 GB of storage space available on your iPhone
  • use an original Apple-certified USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer
  • update the computer to the latest operating system (OS)

Did your iPhone start now? If none of the above things worked for you, then you can go to Apple Support.


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