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This site intends to bring some important information when it comes to iPad wallpapers. We try to inform you how to set up a decent wallpaper for your iPad and will try our best to do some step-by-step explanations of the installation process and the iPad in general.

The very first step is installing the iPad wallpaper which goes like the following:

Normal  Installation of new iPad wallpaper is just easy if you go by proper settings. Some of the steps involved are:

1-      Choose and select the wallpaper from web which most attracts you and that you want to install on your iPads.

2-      You should now click on the particular ipad wallpaper that you want to upload and install. Click on the ‘iPadicon’ and the wallpaper opens up in its full size.

3-      Save this full sized wallpaper by tapping and holding your finger on the picture until the message appears for you to save the image.

4-      You can now return to your home page and tap on the photos icon to see the wallpaper installed. You will then just see the option at right where you can select ‘Use as Wallpaper’ and install your favorite wallpaper.

Be sure to check all sites in the navigation bar to avoid missing some nice links to customize your iPad wallpapers. Of course you can drop a message to me at any time you feel for need in help or similiar.


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