Paperlike, the iPad Screen Protector: write and draw like on paper

Hi, I’m Jan, founder and creator of Paperlike. I always wanted to work paperless and was super excited when the iPad Pro and the Pencil first came out. But then I tried them. The feeling of hard rubber writing on glass was awkward, and my Pencil was sliding all over the screen. I needed a better solution but couldn’t find one. 

So I threw myself into developing my own solution and came up with what you now know as Paperlike. A Kickstarter in 2017 showed I wasn’t the only one with these issues and led to the founding of Paperlike as a company.

In 2019 with a small, dedicated team around me, we went to Kickstarter again to make a next-generation, even better version of the Paperlike. And we’re excited to share Paperlike 2 with you today.

I still use my iPad with Paperlike on a daily basis, as do thousands of artists, creators, and doers all around the world.

For that, I’m very thankful.


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